What else makes this Classroom in the Cloud so Different? 
You don't have to travel to reach this classroom - it is all done online! Learn from Anywhere! 
Actually, you don't even have to buy a computer.  Most of our lesson modules and the free product
30 day trials can easily follow you from device to device and also from wi-fi spot to wi-fi spot location!
Start any time.  Stay as long as you like.  Take topic deep dives to better learn any lesson's skills! 
USA consulting firm's Community Service Project - donated to clients of the Contractor Training Coalition, Inc.
Thanks to:
Other firms who helped me to develop the Business Survival 101 curriculum!
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Welcome to an individual Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor's donated community service project! 
We are your missing link in the workforce development chain: 
The partnering 501c3 charity, Contractor Training Coalition, Inc.,  provides a community
sandbox forum where you can grow new business opportunities, or practice your new
management skills hands on through peer based learning.  We want you to create your
own strategic business alliance network via our neutral, vendor sourcing service!
Hundreds of university students in two states researched our Business Survival 101 empowerment strategies! 
Includes the lessons learned by the sponsoring QuickBooks ProAdvisor through many years of counseling cash strapped entrepreneurs who couldn't get loans!  It also includes the community empowerment research and lessons learned from the Students Building America multi-university research project. See firms below:
If you join our faculty as a peer tutor, you can work from home and earn legal, ethical, real cash while you learn!    Or, participate in our shared workforce pool and operate your entire business within our forums!
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email: training@hopeforstartups.org
Business Survival 101:How to use your home computer to survive on a shoestring budget!
The ProAdvisor provides free, learn-at-your-own-pace-from-home  training in how to
leverage QuickBooks, and other popular cloud technologies to instantly and ethically lower
 your administrative costs.  (Keystroke by keystroke guidance using actual 30-day free trial
subscriptions to the vendors' products.  Geared towards newbie or struggling entrepreneurs who have no financial background, might have forgotten a lot of math, 
and/or have never used a computer in a business setting before.) Includes biz empowerment techniques!
We work with experts in academics and in industry to bring you proven and tested skills plus ethical, realistic, profit coaxing strategies: 
Faculty members are all individual coalition members who provide private tutoring appointments and/or initial consults to help you brainstorm your options and learn how to
build / strengthen your firm!   First 3 private tutoring appointments are free!
Thanks to:
Vendor firms who allow us to provide free, hands-on training in their products!
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demo of our skill labs 
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